Saturday, December 27, 2014

New driver on the road!

My son Science Ninja is the proud possessor of a drivers' license! He got a perfect score on his test. And the DMV lady who did the paperwork was absolutely delightful and so kind and funny. 

Her, to SN: Do you want to keep your learners' permit for a souvenir? If not, give it to your mama. Mamas like to keep these things.

Me: Yes, I totally want it! 

Her, to SN: Congratulations! You got a perfect score!

Me *nervous*: What score do you need to get to pass?

Her: You can miss 10 points.

Me: TEN POINTS? TEN???? THESE are the people you have to
worry about, my son. The 10 pointers.

Science Ninja, to DMV Lady: She gets like this.

Her: All mamas do.