Monday, April 1, 2013

Wrecked Tour - Let's Get Wrecked!!

Alyssa’s Day

Welcome to Shiloh Walker’s latest and greatest latest and weirdest way to spread the word about new books.  This time, she enlisted fellow authors Helenkay Dimon, Thea Harrison and Alyssa Day and there is absolutely NO THEFT taking place…she didn’t go on a rampage and steal things.  She’s not trying to reunite lost lovers…nope.

These four authors are going to descend upon each other’s blogs and cause a tiny little bit of chaos.  I really wanted to WRECK things, but I didn’t think I could talk them into letting me crash our websites and that kind of defeats the purpose of promoting our new releases if you can’t access the website to read about them, right?

So…instead, we’ll just switch things up a little…you play a guessing game and right or wrong, you get entered for fun prizes.  Visit each blog, you get entered each time.  It’s easy!

This author used to be a nurse.  She’s something of a geek and is known for randomly tweeting odd lines from movies.  She married her high school sweetheart.
Who is she?

Cocking a brow, she said, “I dunno . . . being into finger painting and sex might be called kinky.”

He snorted and put his hand on the middle of her chest, nudging her back down. “Do you trust me?” he asked, leaning over her and staring down at her.

Golden-brown hair fell into his face, and against the stark bruising and swelling around his left eye, his blue eyes looked even more blue, even more compelling. Licking her lips, she caught his face in her hands and tugged him down. “Like I never trusted anybody else.”

“Then close your eyes and let me do something . . .” He quirked a grin at her. “Call it a kinky sex thing if it makes you happy.”

Nerves fluttered in her belly, but she hadn’t lied about trusting him.

Slowly, she pulled her hands from his hair and lowered them to her sides. Then, after one last look at him, she closed her eyes.

So… which author do think this is? Is it Shiloh Walker, Helenkay Dimon, Thea Harrison orAlyssa Day?  You can visit our sites…look through our latest releases, or just take a random guess.  Right or wrong, you’re entered!

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Enter to win!!  And stay tuned for exciting news, coming soon!


  1. That's from WRECKED by SHILOH WALKER!

  2. It's Shiloh Walker!

  3. Shiloh Walker! I love this contest :D

  4. Sounds like Shiloh. Thanks for participating in the fun giveaway (and I said it on Shi's blog but thank you & your hubby for your sacrifices and service).

  5. It must be the Goddess of Romance...Ms. Shiloh Walker...

  6. This is so Shiloh Walker! What a fun tour. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Yeah, that is most definitely Shiloh Walker.

  8. It's Shiloh Walker. Thanks for the giveaway

  9. Shiloh Walker!

  10. The one and only Shiloh Walker ;-)

  11. Shiloh Walker
    jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

  12. Is there any question at all? :P It's Shiloh Walker.

  13. Shiloh Walker!

    Hi Shi! Congrats on your newest release!

  14. Shiloh Walker was the nurse who married her high school sweetheart.

  15. Ah, Shi! Ms. Walker has quite the impressive past ;) And appreciate for movies!

    Thanks for the fun, Alyssa!

  16. Thanks for the giveaway, Answer: Shiloh Walker