Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Writer Friends Wednesday - Kassy Tayler!!

I know it's SO EXCITING around here, with HEART OF ATLANTIS releasing on Tuesday (excerpt part 1 on my WEBSITE, excerpt part 2 in the post from yesterday below), but it's about to get even more exciting!! 

It's friends' books Wednesday, and we have my dear friend Cindy Holby with her debut book as Kassy Tayler!!  ASHES OF TWILIGHT - exciting excerpt HERE!

Kassy's debut Young Adult novel, in the steampunk/dystopian genre, has been gathering rave reviews all over the bookverse!! 

"Riveting Dystopian steampunk! Kassy Tayler writes with haunting precision, and you'll fall in love with Wren and Pace as she brings their world to gritty, lyrical life." --Ann Aguirre, Rita award winning author of Enclave

"Dystopian fiction at its best! Kassy Taylor delivers an enthralling story filled with adventure, romance, intrigue and a tiny canary that will steal your heart." --Mari Mancusi, Award winning author of The Blood Coven Vampire Series

"Kassy Tayler's Ashes Of Twilight lures the reader into a dark and forbidding world bereft of hope. Wren's quest for freedom, her primal need to share the sunlight, makes for a richly layered and compelling read." --Jana Oliver, Prism award winning author of The Demon Trappers Daughter

"Ashes Of Twlight is dark and atmospheric, with an exciting plot, a compelling hero, and an engaging heroine whose refusal to accept the limitations her society wants to put on her is both  uplifting and eminently relatable."
--Jenna Black, author of The Faeriewalker Series

Huffington Post declares Ashes Of Twilight a likely successor to Hunger Games.

Kassy was kind enough to drop by and answer our Frivolous Five, and one lucky commenter will have a chance to win a copy of ASHES OF TWILIGHT!!  

 AD:  What is your favorite musical group/band and does it inspire your writing, or do you find yourself dancing around the house in your underwear to avoid writing?

KT:  Right now I'm in a country frame of mind so my favorite bands are Lady Antebellum and The Band Perry.  I also love Creed and Stone Temple Pilots which is on the other side of the world from the first two I mentioned. Also been on a classic listening bend lately.  I have Frank Sinatra on my Pandora station.  I usually get my dance on at ballroom, where I take lessons, and I'm always fully dressed while there.

AD:  You are a well-known rescuer of abandoned kittens—what would
you do if you found an abandoned tiger cub on your doorstep?   

KT:  Oh a tiger cub, that would be fun.  I would take it in, then call the local rescue to make sure it is sent to the best possible place.  I think wild animals should be allowed to be wild.  Besides, my rescued kittens and my dog Cody would be jealous.

AD:  ASHES OF TWILIGHT partly takes place in a coal mine.  Have you
ever received coal in your stocking at Christmas, and if so, why? 

KT:  No coal for me, although I am certain I probably deserved it at times.  My dad was a great believer in giving presents at Christmas because as a boy his family was so poor that he didn't get presents. Therefore he made sure there were always lots of presents under the tree.

AD:  Your friends were amazed and astounded (and a little bit
afraid) when you started talking about CORNHOLE.  Discuss. 

KT:  Hey, I'm trendy.  Just because my friends are behind the times....Cornhole is all over the place now.  And for those of you who don't know what Cornhole is, its like horseshoes, only you throw a beanbag into a hole in a board.  Its much safer than horseshoes, especially if someone has been drinking. ;p

AD:  You’ve written a kajillion books about the old west. Pirates or

KT:  There is something about cowboys...They lived hard and quick and for the moment yet they are steadfast and loyal. Although since I've seen Hook on Once Upon a Time, I might be swayed.  Still I've never seen (or written about) a cowboy who wears eyeliner.

THERE YOU HAVE IT!!!  Tell us in the comments: have you ever played cornhole? If yes, with a pirate or cowboy? If no (to either), WHY NOT??  (Or you can tell us your fave band to dance naked through your house to . . .)



  1. I have played cornhole, but sadly not with pirate nor cowboy. It was still fun :)

  2. I haven't played! I don't know what it means :D I'll have to google it :D

    I love dancing to the Rolling Stone, not naked though :D

  3. I've played cornhole, unfortunately it was with neither cowboy nor pirate, but instead with some adults who had a little too much to drink. lol

    I'm really looking forward to reading Ashes of Twilight! I'm a huge fan of Cindy Holby and I can't wait to read her stories writing as Kassy Tayler! I've been reading a lot of YA steampunk/dystopian books lately, I've really come to enjoy this genre plus these are books that my daughter will also be able to read soon!

    Thank you for this great giveaway!!
    Julie Kornhausl :)

    1. WINNER! Please email me at with your mailing info. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Julie! And most people think I made Cornhole up until they see that it really does exist.