Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Friends' Books Wednesday: Lauren Dane!!

Happy "No more political ads for the foreseeable future" Day!!!!!  WHEE! It's safe to answer our phones, too!  All kidding aside, I'm thrilled that so many Americans participated in our democracy yesterday.  We rock it, my country mates!!

A couple more exciting things happened on election day:  my ebook special, SHIFTER'S LADY, released!! (This is the novella from SHIFTER; if you have the anthology, don't buy it again!!)  Panther alpha Ethan has met his match in strong-willed and beautiful Atlantean, Marie.  Ethan is CRAZY sexy and alpha, just a warning! :)

And Romantic Times magazine, the premiere review magazine for the romance industry, nominated HEART OF ATLANTIS as one of the best paranormal romance novels of the ENTIRE YEAR!!  Yay, Alaric and Quinn!!! (coming Dec. 4!!)

Now, on to the EXCITING STUFF!!

My darling, feisty, flamingly beautiful red-haired friend Lauren Dane is guesting on the blog today, to celebrate the release of her new book, TART!  Lauren also received exciting news from Romantic Times: her book CAPTIVATED is nominated for best paranormal/fantasy/sci fi erotic romance of 2012!! 

USA Today bestselling author Lauren Dane serves up a sweet, sensual, and hot-to-the-touch novel in which one woman’s most intimate desires are stirred by two very special ingredients
Juliet Lamprey is having the time of her life running her successful bakery, TART, when Gideon Carter comes back into her life. Returning home to help his grandfather run the family on the farm, Gideon is back for good. When they meet again, the spark between them is immediate, and it isn’t long before the former childhood friends play catch up in bed.
That’s not good news for local lawyer Cal Whaley. …

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!  The Frivolous 5!!

AD:  What's the best answer you've ever given to the perennially stupid question: "How do you research your sex scenes?"

LD:  More often I get, "Do you do everything you write about in your books?" (imagine the heh, heh, heh and my inner cringe)  And then I say with a totally straight face, "Yes, I've totally had a three way with a werewolf and a vampire."

AD:  As a mom, what's the strangest thing you've ever heard yourself yell at your kids?

LD:  Oh man. I've got three and my house is usually in some form of chaos at any given time unless they're all asleep or gone. So it's me yelling incoherently, pointing at stuff as I try not to go full Momdeusa and have snakes pop out of my head when they say, Mom, mom, moooom, momma? Mom? Mom! Mom! MOOOMMMM?  And I say WHAT?? And then they say, "nevermind"  Also frequently I mix up their names, I tell them to eat when I mean do homework, or brush their teeth when I mean go to bed. Where are your pants? Oh, and "What is that? Wait, nevermind I don't want to know, get some lysol wipes and clean it up."  Don't be jealous because I'm Mother of The Year though, okay?

AD:  The apocalypse happened.  Everyone you know is either a vampire or a werewolf. What do you do?

LD:  Depends on if they're hot Underworld Vamps and icky Weres, or hot Weres and Priest vamps. If one was hot and the other was scary, I'd ally myself with the hot ones who hopefully were stronger than the scary ones. In either case, I'd need silver and kibble. Also? I'd be hoarding tampons cause, apocalypse and all.  

AD:  How early do you begin your holiday shopping?  (And if it's before Thanksgiving, we can no longer be friends.)

LD:  I bought my first present this year, for my mom, in June. I hope you love me anyway!  Usually I start bit by bit in October or so or I'd never finish! And then I forget where I've hid things and give them those presents for Easter or whatever holiday is near when I find them later. 

AD:  If you were a rapper, what would be the name of your most inappropriate song?

LD:  DJ Pink Parts - natch!  Most inappropriate song? Man, you know this is an answer I could make and send people screaming into the night, right?  I'll draw from my children and say, "Where Your Pants?" and maybe the companion song, "Get Your Finger Out of There."

ABOUT LAUREN: The story goes like this: While on pregnancy bed rest, Lauren Dane had plenty of down time so her husband took her comments about “giving that writing thing a serious go” to heart and brought home a secondhand laptop. She wrote her first book on it before it gave up the ghost. Even better, she sold that book and never looked back.

Today Lauren is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over forty novels and novellas across several genres. Though she no longer has to deal with Polly Pocket and getting those tiny outfits on and off, she still has trouble blocking out the sound of iCarly so she can write a love scene.

Please tell us in the comments what would be the name of YOUR most inappropriate rapper song, for a chance to win a copy of TART!!  [Posts are moderated to avoid p@nis enhancement spam, so please give it a few minutes to post. No need to re-post. Thanks!]



  1. My inappropriate rapper song would be Bare, Wet and Ready or It Better Be Tight.

  2. My inappropriate rap song would be Bare, Wet and Ready or It Better Be Tight.

  3. Wow! This is like the hardest question to answer. How about - Lollypop Licks. Thank goodness you didn't ask what my name would be ;)

    I love this whole series. Thanks so much for sharing your stories with us.

  4. I'd have to go with....Muff Diver

    Can't wait to read Tart!

  5. Rap song would be named; Muff Diver. Love your work and your sense of humor. Can't wait to read Tart!

  6. My song would be Give It To Me Hard!
    That was a hard question to answer!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway. :)


  7. How about "Momma Gone Wild"?

    Tart sounds like fun!


  8. *tears* I don't know any rap songs except I Like Big Butts...

    Can I still be entered to win? *puppy eyes*

  9. I'd go with "Deeper Baby". Thanks for the interview :)
    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

  10. Bop me till we pop .

  11. Put Your Junk In My Tasty Dish.
    Loved the interview!

  12. Stop, Drop and get lets get Hot

  13. I think that I am going to have to say: Show Me Whatcha Workin With!

    Sheryll1974 AT netscape Dot net

  14. Too funny.. your going to have to put those songs in one of your stories .. "Get Your Finger Out of There" LOL

    I'd have to say.. Bite You Right

    Thank you for the chance at Tart, Alyssa & Lauren

  15. lickity split lol

  16. My inappropriate rap song would be: You Say Yours Is Wetter But Your Sister's Is Better. I think it could also work as a country song.

  17. Put It and stick in me
    Hot book, great giveaway thanks

  18. My rap song would be called: Spank it, lick it and stick it! Love your books can't wait to read Tart!

  19. My rap song would be called: Spank it, lick it and stick it! Love your books can't wait to read Tart!