Saturday, September 8, 2012

Winners! And football! And crazy work!

Thanks so much, my darlings! Though there were nearly 500 page views yesterday, even on a slow traffic Friday, your odds were good with only 30 posts! And, ta da! The WINNERS! The random number generator chose our two winners!!  Will Ren and Michel Reinhard please email me your mailing address at Thanks!

Saturday means college football! I'm off to do some plotting while I watch my beloved Buckeyes in another pre-season throw-away game.  Navy Guy is watching, too, of course (we're both Buckeyes), up in Rhode Island, so we're texting each other with random comments. Yes, it's a weird way to run a marriage, but I know the military spouses out there understand. : )

I'm crazy busy working on final preparation for Alejandro's Sorcerss, The Cursed, and The Curse of the Black Swan, so I'll be offline for the weekend, but stay tuned for Movie Monday. Also, the updated website with new excerpts will be up the beginning of the week (I know, I know, I'm so behind. Ack.)

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