Sunday, September 9, 2012

A little teaser from Alejandro's Sorceress

He’s a warrior hardened by years of protecting his town from vampire attack.
She’s a garden witch who sees the world in shades of sunshine and delight.
Opposites don’t only attract, they go supernova in this sizzling tale of magic and mayhem.

Alejandro shoved the idea of Rose, in her bed, all that glorious hair streaming across the pillows, out of his mind and watched as she crossed the room to a window seat, where an oddly arched statue of a cat stood.
“Alejandro, meet Bob,” Rose said, and he quickly looked around the room, only to confirm that nobody was there.
“Bob? Who is Bob?”
“Bob is my cat,” she said, that quicksilver grin again crossing her face and then vanishing. “The basilisks got him just after I rescued Ninja.”
“The basilisk attacked your cat after you rescued a ninja?” he repeated slowly, realizing he’d been right. There was no way a woman this beautiful could have a personality to match her looks.
She was nuts.

- Alejandro's Sorceress, by Alyssa Day, coming (finally!) Sept. 20

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  1. I should know better than to read excerpts... They are never enough!!!