Thursday, September 13, 2012

When Mom’s on Deadline

My daughter has graciously stepped in to blog for me today.  I'm wincing a little bit as I realize I totally resemble these remarks! But the final paragraph makes up for all.
Alyssa (on deadline)

When Mom’s on Deadline
By “Princess” (PS I drew this author photo of Mom a few years ago, when I was much younger)

When my mom is on deadline, usually the first sign is,

“I’m going to the store to buy some chocolate, kids, need anything?”

Chocolate is, it seems, the only thing stopping writers from being caught and crushed by the deadline monster. But the real signal that my mom is on deadline is when you get within five feet of her office. When my brother or I even walk in the front room, she puts her hand up and says-

“No. Deadline.”

Being a mom can be difficult (especially with kids like me! :D) but deadlines make the stress levels go through the roof. Deadline time is, as my brother and I know, be-quiet-and-do-what-mom-says time.

So, if you know someone who’s on deadline, my advice would be to give some Hersheys and act like they aren’t writing a book at all, because trust me, asking “how is your book going?” is not something to ask a writer on deadline!

Of course, one of the GOOD things about having a writer mom on deadline is, when the book is super stressful or isn’t going as planned, mom decides it’s “cuddle all the dogs and kids time!!” Which is nice! Also, just having an author mom is cool, because when I tell people my mom’s an author, they’re like “Woahhhhhh! That’s so cool!” Which is pretty awesome in my opinion.

So all in all, having a mother who’s an author has its ups and downs, but in the end I wouldn’t want anybody else for the job.